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The Centre Of Challenge is Launched

Kay Elliott are consulting with Truro Council to consider the possibility of constructing this unique building on a site at Truro.

The charity plans to build a Centre of Challenge and Inspiration designed to allow people from all walks of life including adults and children with the most severe disabilities to take part in exciting, adrenaline inducing sports and provide unique aqua training facilities for disabled athletes.

The Centre will have a plethora of indoor adventure and sport activities including, sky diving, scuba diving, rock climbing, surfing and swimming. It will be a place where people can undertake these physical activities all year round, unhampered by their disabilities, inaccessibility or the weather and will dramatically improve the quality of their life and for the most gifted provide the facilities to become Paralympic athletes.

The Centre will be the first of its type in the world and will give disabled people an environment where all barriers to their mobility are removed; where they are enabled to participate in the types of activities that are not usually accessible to them and be able to take on their own physical challenges and excel. Rehabilitation from extreme illness, injury or accident comes in many forms and this Centre plans to use sport and adventure as the basis of restoring the spirit of those who need it most in our society.

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