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Kay Elliott 3D Print PPE

Kay Elliott have by joining a community of 3D printer owners with volunteers numbering over 5000, started using the equipment normally used to build architectural models for making components for personal protective equipment (PPE).

“We are really proud to be able use our resources and our creative team to help address the urgent need for more protective equipment and are actively looking for other ways we can help.”

Team member Joe Singleton is responsible for coordination and production at his home. The first consignment has been collected for assembly and will be deployed in the region.

The coordination of this community effort is run by 3D Crowd UK which provides the templates, collection, and distribution of the face shields across the UK. Doctors, nurses, medical and social care professionals can then request these face shields by filling in a form on the website and volunteers then deliver them where they are needed.

People can also donate and volunteer on the website https://www.3dcrowd.uk/

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