Healthcare Environment

We provide comprehensive Room Data Sheets by utilizing the Activity DataBase (ADB) design tool, the briefing design and package endorsed by the Department of Health.

Once we have created the rooms in our 3D Revit model, we can load fixture & fittings and equipment to visualize the fully equipped 3D rooms, with enhanced information output by adding labels/tags to the individual equipment items. These room loadings have a huge amount of intelligence built into them, supporting changes and adjustments to be put into place accurately, quickly and efficiently. We generate equipment schedules directly from our 3D Revit model; differentiating between the particular equipment groups: 1. Contractor to supply and fix; 2. Trust to supply, contractor to fix; 3. Trust to supply and fix.
We can expand typical ‘C’ sheets of a particular room showing plan, elevations, and equipment schedule by adding more views e.g.
perspective 3D views, axonometric views and a section box of the room.

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