WildLife Park Europe

Client: Griendtsveen
Completion date: Ongoing

Kay Elliott are developing an innovative masterplan for a 215 hectare site in the Netherlands. Located in the Amsterdamsche Veld in Drenthe, WildLife Park Europe will be a unique shortbreak destination; integrating holiday accommodation within a wildlife park setting. The project will assist in the future sustainability of Dutch horticulture, creating a long-term alternative for the regions peat supply industry.

Kay Elliott's masterplan provides a framework of biotopes from the previously excavated peatland. Each zone, derived from Northern European climatic zones, is chosen to balance visitor experience with animal welfare.

Day visitors and residents will be able to experience animals and habitats as they existed in the region 10,000 years ago. The landscape led design enables visitors to get extremely close to animals within their natural habitats without visible barriers. Species, previously extinct in Northern Europe, including brown bears, grey wolves and lynx are reintroduced alongside ... for a truly immersive experience.

16 km of footpaths and 40 hectares of lakes and waterways form the infrastructure for the car-free environment; connecting a diverse mix of accommodation, activities and facilities via foot, bicycle and boat.

Sustainability is a key component in the development of the proposals, from the diversification of the peat supply chain to the approach to energy usage; waste management to water supply and use, the proposals will encourage low carbon emission, recycling, on-site energy generation and assist in the regions economic success.

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