Kay Elliott Becomes Employee Owned

On 20th July 2022 South West Architect’s Practice Kay Elliott became an employee-owned business with the majority shareholding transferred to the Practice’s 40 employees in an ownership trust (EOT).  Derek Elliott remains in position as Managing Director.

The move is part of the Practice’s efforts to amplify employee’s voices, with 40% of the new Trustee Board, who will oversee the strategy selected through a simple ballot process.

Director Richard Maddock said: “We are proud to present Kay Elliott’s new Employee Ownership Trust.  

“The new structure promises to ensure the long-term success of the Practice in a way that is consistent with the culture that we have built.  

“I am very proud that among our 40 employees, the average length of service is over 10 years. 

“The new EOT structure enables us to share our financial successes equitably with everyone who helped create them.  It is something that is particularly important within an industry that is almost exclusively dependent on the talents and skills of its employees.”