Crocodile Swamp

Client: Whitley Conservation Trust (Paignton Zoo)
Construction budget: £1.7milllion
Completion date: 2008

The Crocodile Swamp opened in 2008, home to some of the most aggressive, largest, and longest reptiles in the world, including both crocodiles and snakes.

The exhibit replicates the humid atmosphere, lush vegetation and tall tropical palms of a swamp.

A raised partially glazed pathway above the pools gradually descends as it winds around the house, giving changing views of the animals. 

The Crocodile Swamp was part-financed by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund, with £800,000 from Gift Aid donations made by zoo visitors.

The exhibit also houses a mix of exotic monster plants with razor-sharp teeth that thrive in the hot and humid conditions. The Crocodile swamp exhibit has also used environmental technologies which help reduce its energy including the use of a biomass boiler.

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