Marine Park

Client: Jeavons' Landholding
Completion date: Outline permission obtained 2010

Kay Elliott have produced a masterplan for the development of 100 dwellings on a 2.2 hectare site in Goodrington, Devon. 

The development forms part of a wider asset rationalisation undertaken by Jeavon's Landholding.  Early analysis clearly demonstrated the site was physically detached from the groups neighbouring tourist accommodation and could provide a cohesive residential extension to adjacent urban development.

Kay Elliott's masterplan proposes a clear identity; building upon its rural surroundings, the scale and layout of the proposals create a clear network of streets, courtyards and open spaces which link into existing routes; encouraging pedestrian movement and interaction.

Perimeter block development, integrated parking courts and back-to-back gardens ensure good separation of public/private space and allow high levels of passive surveillance throughout the scheme. Careful orientation also ensures the majority of gardens benefit from a southerly aspect.

A green infrastructure including ecological and biological diversity features strongly in the scheme.

The existing open space to the north of the site will be bordered by a new green lane and detached and semi-detached accommodation - making the most of the coastal views.

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